Neoprene is best known as the material from which diving suits are made. We supply neoprene fabric with 2 sides nylon, 1 side nylon or with 1 side Velcro, in various colours. The material has good water-resistant, weather-resistant and wear-resistant properties, and is reasonably oil-resistant.

Neoprene fabric EKI
  • Neoprene with 2 sides nylon EKI

    Neoprene 2 sides nylon

  • Neoprene with 1 side nylon EKI

    Neoprene 1 side nylon

  • Neoprene with 1 side velcro EKI

    Neoprene 1 side velcro

Neoprene applications

Neoprene is best known as the material from which wetsuits are made. The material combines the good properties of other rubbers such as EPDM and NBR rubber. As a result, it has good resistance to UV and ozone, and reasonably good resistance to oil. Neoprene is also very resistant to fresh water and seawater, which means that it is widely used in shipping and offshore applications. These properties also make it suitable for diving suits, wetsuits and wading suits, because the material has an insulating effect and increases buoyancy. A neoprene wetsuit or neoprene suit has nylon on two sides, making it a kind of combined neoprene fabric. Neoprene is also known as CR rubber, and has good mechanical properties, which means that the material will return to its original shape after compression. It is also very durable and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, and is also highly resistant to chemicals, acids, solvents, mineral oils and greases.

Types of neoprene fabric

Neoprene with 2 sides nylon

Neoprene with 2 sides nylon is the neoprene rubber from which neoprene wetsuits or neoprene diving suits are made. The material has a nylon layer on both sides and comes in different types and qualities. There is a variety especially for wading suits (to a depth of 15 metres), for diving suits (to a depth of 35 metres) and an extra heavy quality suitable for use to a depth of 70 metres. Neoprene fabric can also be used for other consumer applications.

Neoprene with 1 side nylon

Neoprene with 1 side nylon has the nylon fabric on one side only, and the other side has a different cell structure that can be easily glued. This material is widely used for comfort applications such as in wheelchairs, where it is affixed to the handrail. It is therefore commonly used in the rehabilitation sector.

Neoprene with 1 side velcro

Neoprene with 1 side Velcro has a Velcro side enabling it to be attached to other Velcro surfaces. Among other things, this material is used to make straps for diving masks, as well as gloves for window washers. It can also be used to make protective clothing and accessories such as wrist straps, shoulder straps, knee straps and ankle straps.

Want to buy neoprene?

Nijmegen-based manufacturer EKI can supply you with products such as high-quality neoprene rubber, neoprene fabric, wetsuit rubber, scuba rubber and wetsuit material, in both standard and custom sizes. The items we produce from our materials are extremely durable and can be delivered both in bulk and in small quantities. Regardless of the size of the purchase, we can deliver our products quickly throughout Europe. If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us via +31(0)243773378 or


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