About EKI the manufacturer of foam, rubber and foam rubber solutions

About EKI

At EKI, we offer our customers technical solutions in rubber and foam that perfectly align with their specific needs. We convert these materials into the desired shapes for the industry, construction and wholesale sectors. Because we’re specialists in this area, our products can be found throughout Europe.



We want to be the leading point of contact in the market for foam, rubber, foam rubber and sponge rubber. We’re ready to tackle all new projects that come our way, to take on challenges great and small, to answer technical questions, and to further refine the materials we use.


At EKI, we have confidence in our capacity to give our customers the greatest possible freedom of choice in terms of material, shape, size and finish. We do our utmost to achieve this. Our secret is that we think in terms of solutions rather than limitations. Customisation is pretty much standard for us. You ask, and we either have it or we can make it with a short delivery time. How can we help you?

As a manufacturer, EKI has all of its production in-house. This enables us to supply professional products that are consistent in quality, with great customer service and short delivery times throughout Europe. This goes for standard and customised products, in small and large quantities.


EKI in numbers

A family business since 1875


for both production facilities and stock

We recycle 65% of our waste


types of material in our range

40.000 km

of strips manufactured in the last 10 years

We export to 42 countries


satisfied customers since 1969

The only manufacturer of foam rubber rolls in the Benelux region


Why choose EKI?

Our facility houses every step of the whole production process. We take care of everything from producing rolls and sheets ourselves, where possible, to the addition of various types of adhesive layers and conversion to a wide range of shapes. For instance, we manufacture materials in tapes and reels, and we can produce various shapes using punching, waterjetting and cutting techniques. We always purchase all of our materials directly from the raw material supplier, which means that we know everything about the composition and quality of the materials. At EKI, we like to maintain full control over this so that we can continue to guarantee you the best quality.


In addition, we are the only manufacturer of foam rubber rolls in the Benelux region! Maintaining short delivery times throughout Europe is very important to us. Thanks to our own extensive stock of basic materials and a flexible production team who can rapidly convert this initial stock into finished products, we’re almost always able to guarantee this short delivery time. Our expert customer team is ready to help with any queries about products or orders. If you’d like to know more about us, please contact us telephone +31(0)243773378 or e-mail info@eki.nl.





Establishment of the Paper Products Factory

Papierwarenfabriek J.H. Eekhoff is founded by the Eekhoff family.


Establishment of ENS

The second generation of the Eekhoff family establishes ENS (Eerste Nederlandsche Schuurpapier- en Schuurlinnenfabriek) on Biezen (previously known as Biezendwarsweg) in Nijmegen. This is the premises that houses EKI until the start of 2020.



25th anniversary of ENS.


Marriage to van der Tol

Jannetje Eekhoff, daughter of the Eekhoff family, marries Sytse van der Tol. This marks the start of the gradual transfer of the company from the Eekhoff family to the Van der Tol family.


From ENS to EKI

Based on an idea proposed by someone from the rubber industry who comes to work at ENS, we begin converting foam instead of just sandpaper. This is how EKI – Eekhoff Kunststof Industrie – comes into being. We start out by converting mattress foam into draught strip, by applying adhesive and then cutting the foam into strips. This is then used to prevent draughts around wooden windows. Our product range gradually expands from then on.


End of production sandpaper

The production of sandpaper comes to an end. Sandpaper continues to be sold as a commercial product until 1999 in order to exhaust the stocks.


Name change

We undergo a name change from Eekhoff Kunststof Industrie to Europese Kunststof Industrie. From now on, EKI is a BV (a private company).


Production of cellular rubber rolls

A new department is established and commences production of foam rubber rolls. Our new machines enable us to slice the foam rubber into any thickness desired. We were already very flexible with respect to the width of tape, but now we’re also able to accommodate a range of thicknesses. Another new machine allows us to glue rubber sheets together. This foam rubber production means we can expand our sales market beyond the borders of the Netherlands to the whole of Europe.


First website

EKI connects to the internet and the first EKI website is launched.


Bart joins the team

Bart van der Tol (current director) joins the EKI team. This also marks the fresh expansion of our product range to include materials such as rubber and sponge rubber. We purchase new machines that offer us new processing and conversion options.


New machine

Another new machine enables the in-house production of rolls and sheets of polyurethane foam from master blocks.


Waterjet cutting machine

Thanks to a new waterjet cutting machine, we’re now also able to cut thicker rubber and foam with great precision.


New management

Bart van der Tol and Chantal Peters manage EKI together. Bart is responsible for the technical and financial side, while Chantal takes care of the commercial and human resources aspects. They are supported by the management team and collaborate closely with contracted specialists, enabling them to stay up to date with the latest developments.


Relocation to new building

We relocate to the new premises on Ambachtsweg a few streets away. This gives us more space to further expand in terms of machinery and stocks.


Winning the B2B Shopping Award

Thanks to our unique product configurator, EKI has won the B2B Shopping Award for 2021! This system enables our customers to navigate the complex online ordering process without the aid of a staff member. The jury complimented us on the clear, smooth journey that we have laid out for our customers, despite the high degree of complexity underlying the system.


What does EKI stand for?

Not only does the abbreviation EKI stand for our name – Europese Kunststof Industrie – it is also a direct link to what we value as a company. The E stands for Empathy, the K stands for Knowledge and the I stands for Innovation.


Empathy concerns our capacity to empathise with our customer. We really want to get to know our customer better – not only in terms of which industry they’re in, but also what their previous experiences have been with other suppliers, and what they’re looking for in a business relationship. We make every effort to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes in order to meet their needs, as well as to try and surprise them with positive features they didn’t yet realise they needed.

Understanding each other then prompts the question as to whether we can help the customer with our current knowledge, skills and equipment. This concerns knowledge both about our products and about whether we have the right material and can deliver it in the desired form. In other words, the knowledge required to say whether we’re able to meet the customer’s needs. In this, honesty and transparency are our highest priorities! If our current knowledge or available equipment is not adequate, we assess whether we can achieve the desired solution quickly through innovation.

This innovation can mean something like adding a new material to our product programme, for example. Alternatively, we might test whether we can cut particularly challenging shapes on our machines. Our ultimate aim is to help customers quickly and effectively, including with requests that we do not deal with on a daily basis.

1 mm closer to your solution


EKI innovationWe work hard to ensure that our organisation, production process and range are as innovative as possible by continuously expanding our broad product range based on market developments and our customers’ wishes. At the moment, our products can be converted in a wide variety of ways. We continue to develop in this area by striving for greater accuracy and faster production. This means far fewer deviations and a consistently short delivery time! Our most innovative machine is the one we use to produce rolls of foam rubber. Thanks to this machine, we are the only manufacturer of foam rubber rolls in the Benelux region. In addition, we work constantly to increase the sustainability of our organisation. We recycle as much waste as possible, and we are currently increasing the sustainability of the energy facilities at our new premises by installing solar panels.

And check out our newest innovation: our e-commerce online shop! We have switched over from the old-fashioned system of placing orders by e-mail or telephone to a fully integrated modern online shop that enables you to place your orders online. Our new website is also intended to be a knowledge base for our customers where they can receive answers to all of their questions. The aim of our new online shop is to simplify the ordering process and offer more freedom in terms of the dimensions and shapes in which the material can be ordered and supplied. If you have not yet tested our new online configurator, we urge you to take a look and find out the options available to you if you place an order with us now.


What our customers say about us

EKI has a very diverse customer base. With our short delivery times and our extensive, comprehensive product range, we try to consistently exceed our customers' expectations.
Wibe Graafsma | Busybike.com Wibe Graafsma | Busybike.com

There are always short lines of communication with the right employee, which meant I got the help I needed quickly.

Wibe Graafsma | Busybike.com
Marco van Wijnbergen | Freshbed Marco van Wijnbergen | Freshbed

Technical questions always receive a clear answer without unnecessary complications or fuss. Deliveries take place as agreed and the cooperation is pleasant.

Marco van Wijnbergen | Freshbed
Andreas Mooij | Glashobby Webshop Andreas Mooij | Glashobby Webshop

If someone talks about rubber or anything like that, I immediately say "EKI!" A great company where quality isn’t just a nice word, but their daily reality.

Andreas Mooij | Glashobby Webshop





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