We supply various types of membranes, each with their own properties. For example, they may be water-repellent, insulating, form a barrier to vapour, or be vapour-permeable. These are used as construction liner in the form of wall liner, roof membrane or facade liner. Our range includes aluminium foil, PVC sheeting, EPDM membrane and anti-vibration sheet.

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Membrane applications

Membranes can be used for all kinds of applications. EKI supplies construction liner made from a variety of raw materials, each of which has properties suitable for specific applications. These applications include seals, insulation, water barriers and the absorption of vibrations and sounds. Construction liner is widely used in wood frame construction and for prefabricated elements. Foil is frequently applied to walls (wall liner), facades (facade liner) or roofs (roof membrane) in new construction projects, for example. Roof membrane has water-repellent and vapour-permeable properties. A vapour-permeable roof membrane counteracts moisture from the outside due to weather, such as rain and snow.

Types of membrane

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is familiar in the form of kitchen foil, but this is naturally not the type of aluminium foil that EKI sells. Aluminium construction liner is used as a vapour barrier floor liner in underfloor heating systems or on the warm side of roofs and facade structures. It has good insulating properties due to the reflective effect of the foil. It is also watertight, windproof, draught-excluding and moisture-regulating.

PVC sheeting

PVC sheeting is widely used in its rigid form for consumer applications. It is familiar in its flexible form as PVC pond liner for fish ponds, water basins and as rainwater storage. It is ideal for these applications as it is frost-resistant and fish- and plant-friendly. At EKI we mainly make strips from PVC sheeting for use as anti-corrosion tape. For example, these can be used as a buffer between two metals to prevent oxidation.

EPDM membrane

While EPDM membrane is best known as EPDM roof membrane and EPDM pond liner, those are not the only uses for this material. EPDM membrane can also be used as a seal to protect gutters, cavity wall constructions and frames against leaks and moisture. Thanks to the EPDM raw material, it has a long lifespan, and is durably flexible, watertight and recyclable.

Anti-vibration sheet

Anti-vibration sheet is used to reduce vibration and noise. It is often affixed under rain sills to reduce the sound of falling raindrops. Anti-vibration material can also be placed under machines to prevent vibrations being transmitted to the ground, and affixed to metal plates in machines to counteract resonance.

Want to buy membrane?

Nijmegen-based manufacturer EKI can supply you with products such as high-quality self-adhesive membrane, construction liner, roof membrane, wall liner, floor liner and waterproof liner in both standard and custom sizes. The items we produce from our materials are extremely durable and can be delivered both in bulk and in small quantities. Regardless of the size of the purchase, we can deliver our products quickly throughout Europe. If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us via +31(0)243773378 or


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