Anti-vibration Sheet

    This bitumen sheet, also known as anti-vibration sheet, has very good sound insulating properties. For this reason, it is used to reduce vibrations and the noise caused by resonance. It is frequently used in cars and beneath rain sills.

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    Properties of anti-vibration sheet

    Anti-vibration sheet is a type of sheet used specifically to reduce vibration and the sound associated with resonance. It is also known as anti-drumming sheet or anti-drumming membrane. This material is made from bitumen. While bitumen is considered to be physically a liquid, it has the properties of a solid at ambient temperatures. Its fluidity increases with an increase in temperature. Bitumen is a petroleum-based substance obtained by removing the lighter components of petroleum, such as petroleum gas, petrol and diesel, from the crude oil during refining. Following this distillation, the heaviest component remains, and that is the dark liquid bitumen. Among other things, this liquid is used to make asphalt, as well as anti-vibration sheet. A single self-adhesive side is applied to the flexible bitumen anti-vibration sheet, and this is covered with a PE film. Anti-vibration sheet is resistant to UV, ozone and weather influences and is very water-resistant. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and resists ageing well, and is flame-retardant in accordance with EN13501 class E. This material has good sound insulating properties. We can supply the sheet in various forms, such as strips, sheets and rings, with a single self-adhesive side.

    Uses of anti-vibration sheet

    Anti-vibration material is often affixed under rain sills or on roller blind housings to reduce the sound of falling raindrops. It is also commonly placed under machines to prevent vibrations being transmitted to the ground. In addition to placement beneath machines, it can also be affixed to metal, aluminium and plastic plates within machines to counteract resonance. When these are set in motion, impact sound is converted to air sound through the sheet material. We then perceive the resulting slight vibrations as sound. By applying anti-vibration sheet to the sheet material, the total mass increases, which increases the insulation values and reduces noise pollution. It is also widely used to counteract resonance in cars, as it is suitable for reducing the vibrations in car body parts. Doors, car trunks, engine compartments and the base plates are the most common places in a car for anti-vibration sheet to be applied. Other common applications are in ventilation ducts, facade cladding, pipe casings, sinks, casings and beneath countertops.

    Want to buy anti-vibration sheet?

    Nijmegen-based manufacturer EKI can supply you with products such as high-quality anti-vibration liner, anti-vibration sheet and anti-vibration material in both standard and custom sizes. Our bitumen items can be delivered both in bulk and in small quantities. Regardless of the size of the purchase, we can deliver our products quickly throughout Europe. If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us via +31(0)243773378 or