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    We provide consistently high-quality products for all kinds of applications within industry, with a short delivery time. Quality and safety are our top priorities!

    Using our rubber and foam in industry

    Because we offer an extensive range of products featuring a wide variety of properties, many of these products can be used for an equally wide variety of industrial applications. Examples include electrical and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and the packaging industry.

    Quality and safety are our top priorities in these industries, which is why we subject all of our deliveries to strict quality control before shipping them. We also want to be as clear as possible about the properties of our materials, the best way to use them, and which materials can or cannot be combined effectively. This ensures that the products are used as safely as possible.

    The right products for different specific applications

    One common application of our products in industry is to create seals that exclude dust, air and water. The products in our range with shock absorbing properties are widely used to protect items from shock and vibration, such as in the packaging industry, as well as for protection of electronics in the electrical engineering industry. Some of our products are suitable for more challenging applications, for example where they might come into contact with oil, be used at higher temperatures, or for applications involving food.

    PE schuim voor de industrie

    We continue to grow and develop

    In order to keep up with new industrial developments, we are constantly expanding our product range to meet all of the specific and challenging applications you might encounter. Naturally, quality remains our top priority in this. Our machines are increasing our capacity to cut complex shapes. If you need products that meet specific standards, our product pages clearly display which standards our products satisfy. This helps to ensure the safety of your employees when they use our materials.

    If you have any questions about which product is best suited to your specific application, please contact our expert customer team on +31(0)24-3773378 or at

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