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EKI produces and processes rubber, foam, foam rubber, sponge rubber, tape, membranes, neoprene and felt from all kinds of raw materials, making products suitable for your desired applications. For example, our products are frequently used in construction and industry. We provide both standard sizes and customised products, in small and large quantities.


Foam is a highly versatile material and comes in many different types and hardnesses. There is a choice available between soft or hard foam, dependent on the application. Foam is frequently used for applications such as seals, packaging and shock absorption. We produce foam made from five different raw materials: PU, melamine, PE, PVC and EVA.


There are two types of rubber: synthetic and natural rubber. Similarly to foam, this material also comes in various types and hardnesses, although rubber is frequently somewhat harder than foam. Rubber is used for a wide variety of applications, including as bearing pad rubber for bearing applications in which an effective distribution of pressure is necessary. We produce rubber made from six different raw materials: SBR, EPDM, neoprene, NBR, silicone and butyl.

Foam rubber

At EKI, we process foam rubber from blocks into master rolls. We are the only company in the Benelux region to do this. Foam rubber is a flexible, high-quality material which makes it popular for use in technical applications that require a high degree of durability. Among other things, foam rubber is frequently used to make sealing tape. We produce foam rubber made from four different raw materials: EPDM, neoprene, NBR and NR.

Sponge rubber

Sponge rubber is a material in which a skin forms around the spongy matter during the extrusion process. Sponge rubber has good mechanical properties and effective water resistance. Among other things, it is frequently used in seals that come into contact with water. We produce sponge rubber made from four different raw materials: EPDM, silicone, neoprene and NR.


Tape can be used for the temporary or permanent installation of elements, as well as for absorbing and damping vibrations. We have two types of tape in our range: double-sided tape and double-sided foam tape. These are suitable for industrial applications. Examples include mounting tape and tape suitable for demanding surfaces such as plastics with a low surface tension.


Depending on their properties, different types of liner or membrane such as construction liner, roof membrane or facade liner can be used for sealing, insulation, waterproofing and for absorbing vibration or sounds. Our range includes reflective aluminium foil for insulation and waterproofing, PVC sheeting as anti-corrosion tape or pond liner, EPDM membrane for waterproof seals in construction, and anti-vibration sheet for reducing resonance and vibrations.


Neoprene is best known as the material from which wetsuits are made. It is salt- and freshwater resistant and has excellent mechanical properties. Our range includes neoprene with 2 sides nylon, neoprene with 1 side nylon, and neoprene with 1 side Velcro. This is used for making wetsuits as well as protective clothing and accessories such as mouse mats. It is frequently used in the rehabilitation, sports and healthcare sectors.


Felt can be made from natural fibres such as wool (wool felt) or synthetic fibres (needle felt). It has good insulating, shock-absorbing and acoustic properties. We produce three types of felt: wool felt, construction felt and industrial felt. They can be used for light and heavy bearing applications, insulation material and to reduce the transmission of impact sounds. Our felt is not a design felt for consumer use.

If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us on +31(0)243773378 or at info@eki.nl.

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