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    We provide consistently high-quality products for all kinds of applications within the construction industry, with a short delivery time.

    Using our rubber and foam in construction

    The materials we produce are widely used in the construction industry for every conceivable application. As a result, we have a great deal of experience with this client group and are able to respond unerringly to the various desires and expectations inherent in the construction industry.

    For example, our short delivery times enable us to deal optimally with unexpected demand for products. After all, we don't want your project to be brought to an unnecessary halt. Many of our materials are in stock and can be quickly processed into the desired shapes. Naturally, you expect us to provide timely, reliable service and high-quality products so that there are no delays in your process. Our deliveries therefore all undergo a quality check before we send them to you. Whether it concerns small quantities or large orders, we provide quality you can rely on.

    The right products for different specific applications

    Thanks to our large product range, we have the right product for many different specific applications in construction. For example, we can provide solutions for airtight construction and all kinds of different seals. Among other things, our extensive product range is widely used in prefabrication, renovation work and timber frame construction, as well as by contractors. One example of a product that we frequently sell for renovation work is expanding foam tape, which you can use to fill in existing joints.

    Rugvulling in de bouw

    Need rubber and foam products urgently?

    We want our deliveries to align with your working pace. Our aim is to optimally accommodate peak times, while also offering the option of having the products delivered later than scheduled if you experience delays. Even during peak periods and for urgent deliveries, we will guarantee the quality of the materials. We work with reliable couriers who can deliver the shipment to your construction site as quickly as possible. To enable your process to run as smoothly as possible, we can carry out all kinds of material processing options for you right here. For example, we can pre-cut tape for you, and you can order our products with an adhesive side.

    If you have any questions about which product is best suited to your specific application, please contact our expert customer team on +31(0)24-3773378 or at

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