Double-sided Tape

    We have double-sided tape of various qualities, ranging from mounting tape to strong tape for long-term adhesion and for mounting on surfaces with low surface tension. It is commonly used by professionals in the construction industry but it is a very versatile material.

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    Properties of double-sided tape

    Double-sided tape provides excellent temporary or permanent adhesion to smooth surfaces. Tape can be made from a range of materials, the most common being PP, PET and PVC. Double-sided tape consists of three different elements: the support material, the release liner and the adhesive. The type of support material, being tissue, scrim or transfer (without carrier), determines a great deal of the material's properties. Thinner, film-like tapes can be used when transparent connections are required, and heavy-duty tapes can dissipate tension thanks to their viscoelastic behaviour. The release liner covers the adhesive. The different types of adhesive each have their own properties and should be chosen according to the intended application. This depends on the type of surface and material to be bonded, how long the bond is to be maintained (temporary or permanent) and whether it is for an indoor or outdoor application. Depending on the specific properties of double-sided tape, it may dissipate tension through its viscoelastic action, prevent oxidation and be resistant to UV radiation, moisture and chemicals. It may also keep out moisture and water.

    Uses of double-sided tape

    Double-sided tape is widely used both by consumers and for industrial applications. For example, it is used to hold parts in cars or electrical appliances in place, and can also be found in all kinds of household appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens and air conditioners. It is also commonly used in construction, such as in the assembly of partition walls, windows, doors and facade elements. Other uses include affixing floor coverings such as carpet to the substrate, as well as attaching cable trays, cornices, skirting boards, ceiling strips and insulation sheets.

    Want to buy double-sided tape?

    Nijmegen-based manufacturer EKI can supply you with products such as high-quality double-sided tape, mounting tape, double-sided adhesive tape and double-sided sticky tape in both standard and custom sizes. Our tape items can be delivered both in bulk and in small quantities. Regardless of the size of the purchase, we can deliver our products quickly throughout Europe. If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us via +31(0)243773378 or