Double-sided Foam Tape

    When you combine a strip of polyethylene foam with two layers of self-adhesive tape, the result is double-sided foam tape. This material has strong adhesive properties and also provides shock absorption thanks to the foam layer. For this reason, it is widely used in mounting elements that require shock absorption.

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    Properties of double-sided foam tape

    Double-sided foam tape consists of a strip of foam with a tape layer on each side. The main foam used is polyethylene foam, but PVC foam is also common. A layer of adhesive is applied to the foam, and this is covered with a release liner that is removed when the tape is to be applied. Because the layer of foam makes the tape somewhat thicker than a traditional double-sided tape, it is more flexible and adapts more easily to rough and uneven surface texture. This means that it can be applied to all types of surfaces. It also provides good shock absorption and insulation, and compensates for design tolerances. The adhesive layer has considerable adhesive strength, which guarantees solid mounting. Double-sided foam tape also facilitates better pressure distribution on the materials to which it is affixed. The polyethylene foam has a closed cell structure, making it water resistant. However, we cannot guarantee that the adhesive layer will also retain its original adhesive strength on contact with water. Polyethylene foam tape also has good mechanical properties. This type of foam tape can be used both indoors and outdoors, as can the PVC version. This is thanks to its good resistance to UV and ozone.

    Uses of double-sided foam tape

    Double-sided foam tape is mainly used for mounting elements where shock absorption is desired, such as hanging a mirror. It is also widely used in the graphics industry, such as in displays. Other common applications include mounting various elements on glass, racks or panels, and hanging signs and emblems. Double-sided foam tape can also be used for affixing cable trays, skirting boards, window profiles and cornices. Another common application is as a spacer.

    Want to buy double-sided foam tape?

    Nijmegen-based manufacturer EKI can supply you with products such as high-quality double-sided foam tape in both standard and custom sizes. Our tape items can be delivered both in bulk and in small quantities. Regardless of the size of the purchase, we can deliver our products quickly throughout Europe. If you have specific requirements or questions about our products or their technical specifications, please contact us via +31(0)243773378 or