EKI 1505 Silicone foam

  • Raw Material: silicone sponge rubber
  • Color: white
  • Density: 250 kg/m³
  • Self adhesive: 1 side or without
  • Suitable for: Seals at higher temperatures.
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White silicone foam available as round and rectangular profiles with a skin on all four sides that makes it waterproof. Used for: seals at higher temperatures.

Product attributes

General Description
Raw material silicone  
Material type sponge rubber  
Profiles cord, rectangle  
Version with skin  
Color white  
Cell structure closed  
Hardness (Shore 00) 40 Shore 00
Range: 35 Shore 00 to 50 Shore 00
Hardness (Shore A) 10 to 15 Shore A
Range: to
Density 250 kg/m³
Range: 225 kg/m³ to 275 kg/m³
Standard: DIN EN ISO 845
Possibilities Material
Self adhesive 1 side or without  
Profile shape cord, rectangle  
Cord smallest diameter Ø2 mm  
Cord largest diameter Ø25 mm  
Rectangle: minimum thickness 2 mm  
Rectangle: maximum thickness 30 mm  
Technical Properties Material
FMVSS302 compliant  
WRAS compliant  
WRAS up to 85 °C  
Temperature -60 °C to +220 °C intermittent +230 °C  
Linear shrinkage 22h, 70 °C < 5%  
Brittle point -80 °C (ASTM D746)  
Thermal conductivity 0,24 W/mK  
Water absorption < 3% (ASTM D1056-14)  
Compression deflection 25% 38 kPa (ASTM D1056)
Range: 20 - 50 kPa
Compression deflection 40% 90 kPa (DIN EN ISO 3386)
Range: 60 - 120 kPa
Compression deflection 50% 110 kPa (NF R 99211-80)
Range: 80 - 160 kPa
Compression set: 50%, 24h, 70 °C: na 24 h: range < 5% (DIN EN ISO 1856)  
Compression set: 50%, 24h, 100 °C: na 24h < 25% (DIN EN ISO 1856)  
Tensile strength 645 kPa (DIN EN ISO 1798)
Limit: > 500 kPa
Elongation 155% (DIN EN ISO 1798)
Limit: > 125%
Maximum % of compression 50%  
Limiting oxygen index 24%  
Radiation resistance > 10^5 grays grays  
Dielectric strength 23 kV.mm^-1 kV/mm  
Dielectric constant 2.9  
Dissipationfactor 3 x 10^-4  
Volume resistivity 3x10^15 Ω.cm  
Applications, Standards
UV resistance very good  
Ozone resistance very good  
Application with oil bad  
REACH compliant  
RoHS compliant  
Recyclable compliant  
CFC and HCFC free compliant  
Shelf life 1 year(s)  
HS code 40081100  


The published technical data is based on research data and serves as a guide for the various applications. Due to the great diversity of products and application possibilities, the buyer must test himself whether the intended material meets the requirements. All information is subject to typing errors, mistakes and market developments and no rights can be derived from this.

Configure product - EKI 1505 Silicone foam

Configure product - EKI 1505 Silicone foam

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