Rubber and foam for wholesalers

Rubber and foam for wholesalers

We provide consistent high quality, a reliable partnership, and products that your customers can always count on.

Our rubber and foam for wholesalers

Since the start of our company, wholesalers have been a significant customer group for us, and we consider our partnerships with them to be incredibly important. These collaborations can be very extensive; alternatively, you may only need a few specific products from us.

No matter what the extent is of the product range you want to purchase from us, we always ensure reliable cooperation, consistent quality and short delivery times. We are able to do this as a manufacturer because we control all steps of the production process ourselves. In turn, this enables us to consistently guarantee the quality of our products and offer competitive prices. We aim to provide you with added value, because we believe that you should be able to pass on added value in your own sales. Our competitive prices will give you the space to transfer this added value to your customers.

Do we suit your needs as a wholesaler?

We supply an endless variety of wholesalers, ranging from large purchasing organisations and technical wholesalers of all sizes, to other rubber processors. Naturally, we want to be able to help all of these different wholesalers as effectively as possible. Through our website, we hope to provide you with all the information you might possibly need about our products and processing capabilities. By offering as wide a variety of materials and processing options as possible, we hope to enable you to meet all of your customers' needs with our products.

EKI 520 expanding foam tape
rubber and foam for wholesalers

Consistent quality

Because we attach a great deal of importance to providing consistent quality, all of our deliveries undergo quality control. Our years of experience and professional knowledge ensure that we know exactly what to look for and which specific requirements our products must meet. This applies to both large orders and smaller quantities. We aim to put our expertise to work to add value to your own knowledge. One of our specialities is foam rubber, and we are the only manufacturer of foam rubber rolls in the Benelux region. If you already process other types of rubber, this could be a great addition to your current range. Our goal in this is to give your customers the feeling that they are only buying products produced by you.

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